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Toronto Homeowners Deserve The Best For Their Home Renovations: Call Modular

Home renovations do not have to be a long and complicated process. It is a matter of finding the right company who can provide you with the exact services you need. Often, finding reputable contractors is the most difficult part of any home renovation project. Adding a second story to your home or putting on an addition to the ground level is a task that should be done by only the most skilled professionals. While there are many different contracting companies available in Toronto, Modular will provide you with everything you need at a fraction of the cost of any other company.

We stand by our renovation services with a special warranty and an after sale customer satisfaction guarantee because we know that our contractors are highly skilled professionals. The problem many people encounter when they are working with a different group of contractors is unreliable work from people who cut corners. Due to our systematic approach to your home renovations, we can get the job done quickly, but we will never sacrifice quality. Modular wants you to enjoy your home renovation experience and you can only to this when you trust the company you are with.
We are with our customers throughout the entire home improvement process, so we can develop a good relationship and help you get exactly what you want from the entire experience. We start by discussing with you the results you want. If you do not require a home addition or expansion, we can restructure the existing layout of your floor plan. Sometimes, home renovations can be as simple as removing a wall or two, or adding an eye catching, original staircase. Once our professionals have determined what you want, we will use our advanced technological software to provide you with an accurate estimate. As Modular takes care of every aspect of your home renovations, from the interior, to the exterior and the mechanical work, we can give you a price estimate for the whole project. People are often deceived as to how much their renovations are going to cost, because they forget to include the cost of electrical work, heating and plumbing.
Modular includes all of these services to provide you the most accurate estimate possible. We also complete your entire renovation with interior finishes such as paint and flooring. Modular installs ceramic, hardwood and carpet flooring in any place in your new home. With Modular, your options are endless. Even by redesigning your floor plan, you can get completely creative and have fun with your renovations. Our contractors complete their jobs in a short amount of time so that you can begin enjoying your new home right away.
Call Modular to see how we can simplify the entire home renovation process for you. We make renovations easy for Toronto homeowners.
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